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Control Systems


DRC 2020 HT


Sensing what is happening inside the injection moulding machine.
The DRC 2020 HT visualization with the generous 19˝ upright format screen permits a simple and logical operation of the injection moulding machine. In conjunction with the perfect illustration of operating sequences, DESMA is once again defining the peak of technology with this system. Intuitive and highly convenient machine operation. The innovative haptic touch screen does not only provide the operator with visual information, but also offers sensitive feedback. The screen supports logical operator guidance and illustrates even complex correlationsin an easy to understand manner. Even the input of machine cycles, in particular when parallel movements with several pumps are concerned, is possible in a quick and uncomplicated manner. The logical correlations of the input masks are established viagraphically animated assemblies and the operator will find it easy to get his bearings. The innovative control panel DRC 2020 HT can also be retro fitted on existing DESMA injection moulding machines with DRC 1210 and DRC 2010 visualization systems in a cost-effective manner.

DRC 1020 Fully Close loop

  • Close loop control of injection cycle, mould functions and all temperature zones
  • 10 inch LCD Display with clear view
  • Real time graphics for trends and machine movements
  • Mould recipe and shot history saved on USB
  • Auto tuning PID heating controllers with fine tunning
  • Bumping programme during/after the injection
  • ICM/ITM software
  • Vacuum is controlled through PLC
  • Mould safety pressure setting
  • Machine cycle with functions editable in F(x) line
  • Multi language support

KDM 1020 M Control

  • OP with 6" TFT color display with touch
  • Print screen function over USB
  • Data storage on internal memory/USB
  • Real time trend curve for temperature
  • Multi level soft password
  • Machine cycle with function editable in F(x) line
  • Refilling in 3 stages
  • Injection in 4 stages
  • Dwell pressure in 2 stages
  • Auto tuning PID heating controllers