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    Scott Early, General Manager of DESMA USA, recently welcomed Marco Shafer, Regional Sales Manager of DESMA...



    The enhanced servo-driven brush modules called ServoBrush are equipped with a powerful external electric drive and have...



26. Aug. 2020


Scott Early, General Manager of DESMA USA, recently welcomed Marco Shafer, Regional Sales Manager of DESMA Schuhmaschinen, to visit the American plant.
DESMA Elastomertechnik and DESMA Schuhmaschinen have a common history! Did you know that DESMA stands for DEutsche SchuhMAschinen?
The company sisters shared a common history until 1965. After the reorganisation of the Klöckner Group DESMA founded two independent companies in 1993, consisting of both companies - DESMA Schuhmaschinen based in Achim and KLÖCKNER DESMA Elastomertechnik based in Fridingen.

14. Aug. 2020


The enhanced servo-driven brush modules called ServoBrush are equipped with a powerful external electric drive and have a horizontal axis for freely selectable position adjustment. This allows the wear of the brushes to be easily compensated by automatic infeed. In addition, a spraying device is integrated, which guarantees an optimally reproducible spraying pattern due to the servo-driven brush modules. The brush body can be changed within a very short time with the mould remaining installed and requiring only few tools. The scanner query integrated in the brush head checks for safe article demoulding and thus guarantees an error-free automatic cycle.

12. Aug. 2020


These are created by the digital tools of the SmartConnect 4.U product family, automation and process expertise, a comprehensive service offer and the DESMA ecosystem for the integration of business processes, the SmartConnect 4.U platform solution. Learn more about the Ecosystem and register here

10. Aug. 2020


With the E-Drive cold runner system with additionally integrated PressureSense in each cavity, the actual changeover pressure of each nozzle and thus also the process cycle can be documented as well.

03. Aug. 2020

Customer survey K2019

How do you perceive the reputation of DESMA in market comparison?

29. Jul. 2020

D 969.100 Z (S3) & PartnerFlexCell

This system will be presented with a PartnerFlexCell, which is equipped with a collaborating 6-axis robot system and offers three-dimensional scanner protection via a new CE-compliant safety concept. This enables robots, machine and people to work together without mechanical safety guards. The PartnerFlexCell is also designed for easy transfer to other machines. Thus, either pure machine operation or system operation is possible by switching over. A ZeroWaste ITM system with a mould for the production of small rubber-metal articles is also used on this machine. The metal parts are fed into the mould by the robot.

20. Jul. 2020


For the last 21 days the DESMA cycling team has completed as many everyday routes as possible in a climate-friendly way by bike. This resulted in 8,270 kilometres of cycling, which means a saving of 1,216 kg CO2. We will continue to try to make our working routes climate-friendly. After all, Fridingen is located in one of the most beautiful holiday regions of southern Germany - as you can see in the impressions!

20. Jul. 2020


The bestseller of the DESMA horizontal machine program, the D 969.300 SEALMASTER (S3), is equipped with a ZeroWaste ITM pot for direct sprueless article injection and a 12-cavity sealing mould with different article geometries and is available with a hydraulic performance kit. Without changing the ServoGear drive power, all movements of the mould carrier and the hydraulic core lifters have been significantly improved. Iso+ heating plates are used to further reduce energy consumption. The EnergyControl+ system with energy-optimized machine start-up provides further savings effects. The integrated load management system achieves a significant reduction in peak current consumption, which has a significant impact on the price of electricity.

17. Jul. 2020

RESILIENCE - Strategy Meeting 2020


We have just finished our first virtual strategy meeting with 42 participants from 7 countries and 4 different time zones. In a total of 20 hours spread over 4 days, we discussed the challenges ahead and our opportunities for the future.

At this meeting we came to the firm conviction that we are making good use of the current market and company situation to reposition ourselves and continue to grow. Th desired Internal and external growth is the result of the three lighthouse projects:

A. The 'Resilience' reorganization,

B.  the 'Digital Core Project' with the introduction of an ERP and engineering  system covering all 5 DESMA factories  and

C. a comprehensive new product development.

Enclosed some photos from the session.

15. Jul. 2020

SmartConnect 4.U-ECOSYSTEM

What was presented internationally four years ago with a roadshow on the subject of industry 4.0 and machine networking has now evolved into a platform which, in addition to pure machine networking, reflects the entire business relationship and will also be available to customers, DESMA and other business partners as an internal communication and knowledge platform.

All further advanced SmartConnect 4.U single products as well as our webinar program are integrated in the Ecosystem:

15. Jul. 2020


Thomas Kernler is in our project planning team and is very well versed in our SmartFlow filling simulation. For this purpose he will hold a webinar (German language) on 15.07.2020 from 10.00 - 11.00 am. If you would like to attend, simply register at

13. Jul. 2020


„DESMA is on its way to becoming a mechanical
engineering service provider that integrates itself into the business processes of its custom-ers”.

How do you see this orientation? Please see the result here:

06. Jul. 2020


Article traceability down to the individual cavity. Our product SmartTrace is a new option for reliable article identification, allowing allocation to the production data even after many years. The integration into the customer’s ERP environment is supported by DESMA with a customised service.

03. Jul. 2020


DESMA takes part with a team in this year's STADTRADELN. STADTRADELN is a competition which the aim is to cycle as many everyday routes as possible in a climate-friendly way for 21 days. It doesn't matter whether you already cycle every day or cycled in the past. Every kilometre counts - even more so if you would otherwise have done it by car.

Our colleagues Sandra and Ute are already cycling through the Danube valley and together with the other DESMA employees they are already get some kilometers on the speedometer.

01. Jul. 2020


Matthias Schwanz has joined the sales team as of today. After his apprenticeship and studies at DESMA he worked for years in project planning and now changes to sales. We wish Matthias much success and enthusiasm in the realization of the upcoming customer projects and are looking forward to the support!

01. Jul. 2020


Today, our medical service is with us and offers all employees the COVID-19 antibody test. The response is also great because we are making an important contribution to the statistical survey for corona pandemic Research.

29. Jun. 2020

Information & presentation of DESMA Webinars

Do you already know our latest webinar program? We will inform you about all topics, which advantages we offer and which target group is addressed.

Language: German & English
Registration via

29. Jun. 2020

Customer Survey K2019

Question 13 of our customer survey from K2019:

How do you assess the potential of DESMA for the next 10 years?



For the result click here:

24. Jun. 2020


New Mobility: Process development with high dynamics

Over the past 24 months, we have been approached with a large number of product developments in the field of fuel cells and a wide variety of sealing systems for battery seals. New materials and combinations of materials are being used, which require extensive testing and calculations in advance. Desma has sufficient resources to carry out these developments for customers with its own pilot plant and mould construction at four global locations. A total of around 20 machines with a wide range of clamping forces for a variety of elastomers are permanently available worldwide.
The necessary sealing systems often require extremely thin wall thicknesses and, in the case of battery seals, enormous flow lengths. With the SmartFlow flow simulation, which we have further developed, taking full account of the entire flow stream, including the injection unit, provides very valuable information even before a test mould or series mould is created. As these are very often global development projects, in some cases the complete process development was carried out in our German plant in parallel with the production of the serial mould at the actual production site in Asia. This saved a lot of time in the realization of production plants.
We assume that the demand for such process developments will increase exponentially over the next few years in order to drive forward the change in mobility.
In addition, we are receiving many enquiries from companies that have not been active in elastomer processing up to now and need extensive support for the entire manufacturing process in order to establish these production processes. This then also includes personnel support during the entire start-up phase, which we can offer through our globally positioned application engineers.

Harald Schmid
general sales manager
Kloeckner DESMA Elastomertechnik GmbH

22. Jun. 2020

Virtual collaboration defines the new world of work

Especially in times of the corona virus, the whole working world is changing. Where recently conversations were held directly in the office, loneliness dominates today. The rooms and corridors are deserted, the employees work decentrally in the home office. But even before the Corona pandemic it was clear that the working world was about to change dramatically. The increasingly complex demands placed on globally active companies required a new level of cooperation. This means bringing together people who are far away from each other, but who still work together. An effective and simple form of communication is required from all employees who work together on a site by site or even globally.


In order to be able to create powerful, agile and cross-company teams, DESMA has integrated the so-called 'spaces' in the new digital platform SmartConnect4.U Ecosystem. Especially in complicated projects many employees are involved, each individual is important for the success of the project. However, communication plays a key role for the efficiency of the team and thus the whole project. In 'Spaces' DESMA offers a simple and intuitive possibility to form cross-company teams. The special communication rooms can be designed open or closed. This allows confidential talks but also open discussions. Especially the possibility to store documents at a central location and make them available to others is an important point. In this way, it is possible to work together on individual documents efficiently and purposefully, all employees are always at the same level. There are various options to avoid miscommunication. For example, conversations can be directly linked to physical objects such as production facilities.

In addition to the basics, new products and concepts are also presented to provide new impulses for new thinking, because this unusual time can of course also be used to reposition oneself. An up-to-date schedule of all webinars is available on the digital platform SmartConnect4.U Ecosystem. Free registration is available to all customers at

DESMA offers an online learning portal on the new digital platform SmartConnect4.U Ecosystem for all those who can now spare even less time for further training in their everyday work due to the chaos that has arisen. This also enables learning independent of time at any time.

Due to the current travel restrictions, DESMA has already made a digitally acceptance with new machines. Whereas in the past an entire delegation used to travel for several days, today a DESMA employee on site at the machine virtually connects all participants. Among others, he is supported by the corresponding sales representative who attends the machine acceptance from the home office. The employee is equipped with headset, camera and mobile device. The customer navigates the employee to all the places he wants to take a closer look at, so nothing stands in the way of an uncomplicated acceptance.


Especially in view of the enormous effort the Corona pandemic is making on all of us, it is important to take something with you for the future. We should not only be mindful of the social responsibility of each individual, but also of the knowledge that each individual can and must help when a major task is ahead. Above all, good communication and coordinated cooperation are necessary. But the Corona pandemic has massively accelerated an already existing process not only in the overall social context, but also in the world of work. Many more people are now working from home than before. Business trips and training courses can no longer be carried out as usual. Online meetings, digital team building, knowledge exchange in the form of digital platforms and webinars have changed the performance of our working life forever. Flexible working time models with a high home office share have the potential to lead to an unexpected dynamic and readiness for action. Meeting via web instead of on site saves time. Employees are able to make appointments in America, Asia and Europe on the same day. Digital machine acceptance tests also help to save resources. All these possibilities will have a sustainable impact on our everyday work and change it permanently. Maybe after this transformation we will have more time and money for the actual projects. We at DESMA have already been on the way to this new, virtual working world for several years - be a part of it.



Sascha Abokat, Product Manager New Digital Services