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DESMA has won the DKG Product Award for the SmartConnect 4.U product family in the category “Raw materials and additives”. This means: Products used in the manufacture of elastomer products (e.g. machinery and equipment, and raw materials).

Many amenities of modern life would be inconceivable without products made of rubber, rubber and elastomers. We rely on them in medicine. They ensure our supply of food and energy. They make our work and our everyday life easier. These innovative and powerful products often do their job in the invisible. The DKG Product Award 2018 highlights them. It is presented by the German Rubber Society (Deutsche Kautschuk-Gesellschaft e. V.) to underline the innovative dynamism of the German rubber industry and to make the attractiveness of the industry accessible to a broad public and thus to promote the industry.

Awards are given for outstanding and/or particularly creative products, developments and solutions in the field of elastomer products. Evaluation criteria: Idea and implementation, degree of innovation, technology, economy, ecology, Interaction human - product, design and aesthetics, quality of documentation.